Fuller lips

Most people have wanted to have full lips and will do many measures just to have it. The thing about full lips is the sort of attraction it can impose to another person. A beautiful smile together with beautiful lips can actually enhance the beauty of the person.

How to get fuller lips utilizing the natural measures?

Natural healthy looking lips will always brighten up our day. In women, it is easier to pick out the right lipstick since her lips has a beautiful shape. In men, he is charming to any woman. Unfortunately, not everyone is gifted with full lips. Its beautiful shape makes many people want those kinds of lips. For some people who doesn’t like the idea of getting an injection shot to the lips. A common question, “how to get fuller lips naturally?” will be necessary. But here’s the thing, there are actually natural ways to get full and moist lips. But never expect much, because these measures don’t actually make the lips fuller but only to make it look fuller only.

Fuller lipsTo get fuller lips naturally, there are different methods to choose from. The most common remedy is exfoliation with the use of sugar. By rubbing a brown sugar to the lips in a circular motion, removes the dead skin cells. The lips will look smooth. Using a lip balm or petroleum jelly on the lips will moisten it and will make it look healthier. Some lip exercises may be done, though the result are not optimum, at least there is improvement. Framing the lips will make it look like it is in perfect symmetry. Relaxing the lip muscles is done through opening the mouth slightly and sliver is between each lip, so that the air will flow into the mouth. This exercise should not be done in longer periods, because the air would dry up the lips. Drinking lots of water everyday will prevent drying of the lips caused by dehydration.

If the main purpose is to make it look bigger might instead of using injectable solution a common way to fuller lips without injections is to make it swell. Yes, swelling the lips in purpose. Playing musical instrument using the lips will put pressure on them. Brass instruments are musical instruments that make use of the lips for creating sounds.

 How to get fuller lips through cosmetic surgery?

Some people will just give up practicing the fuller lips household remedy. They end up consulting the cosmetic surgeon. There is no invasive surgery in this problem. Now days many people can have fuller lips with injections. Silicone solution is injected in both lips and then the result is there. The procedure seems quick, but it is costly and will not last long.

Impractical as it is to spend much on the vanity, it is always important to stick to what is truly natural. A beautiful smile will always make the lips look beautiful.

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